Djay services frequently asked questions

Can we make song requests?

As much as we can, we like to play the music that is meaningful and important to you.
Luca will discuss in advance your selection of must play and do not play songs, as well as your important song requests for special moments during the evening, like a grand entrance, first dance, cake cutting etc.
All other requests are commonly played at each appropriate moment during the event.

We have already prepared a song list that we like to use, is this ok with you?

Absolutely, however we ask to receive the song selection well in advance before the event.
We will need to work with a new set of songs and must spend time in screening all the songs. Additionally, if you may provide songs in a digital format, we are to make sure that all files are compatible with our own system and equipment.
We would then mix and smoothly transitioning (matching slow and fast tempo) the songs at each appropriate moment during the event.

Do we need to make a song selection?

No! It’s not required if you don't like to, or you don't have time to make a music selection.
Most likely there will be a mixture of younger and older people among your guests.
It's common to play a blend of different genres spanning different decades from the 20s to today's music.
Luca likes to play what he believes is appropriate on each given moment during the event.

What loudspeakers do you use?

Among the makes we use are FBT, JBL and QSC depending on the size of the party. Click on the photo for full specifications. Click for full specifications

What do you require from us?

For outdoors events we requires appropriate cover from rain or wind (if any), and excessive exposure to the direct sun light, as equipment gets damaged (and DJs too! ;)

A regular power outlet (not overloaded by others, catering oven, etc.) is required within 25ft or so from the performance area.
A 20amp separate circuit may be needed for some type of light installations.
If any restricted access is in place at your venue, we require a load/unloading permit, and a secure parking. For events ending after 11:45pm, an over night accommodation and meals is required in most cases, for travelling times greater than three hours. Light meals and refreshments are not expected (but always welcome :) unless the DJ will be hired for a longer session at unusual hours.

Our venue allows access to the property only one hour before the starting time, can the DJ set up under one hour of time?

It depends, in most cases it can be done when we are informed well in advance.
There will be an extra cost that will vary depending on the amount of labor and equipment that it's required for your event.
The number of technicians necessary for the installation will vary based on the event size and requirements.
Additionally, the distances and type of path (5 or 200 stairs, for example) from the loading/unloading dock to the event area make also a big difference in the timing required for setting up and tearing down.

Can we hire only your sound system and microphone for the wedding ceremony?

Yes, we can provide PA system for different areas of your event. On this video is a sample set up for an outdoor wedding ceremony of 120 guests.

Can you play some intrumental guitar before we open the dance floor?

Yes, for clients who enjoy live music, Luca would commonly proposes an all in one entertainment package, inclusive of sound system, live music and DJ service.