Should ceremony musicians attend the rehearsal?

While some couples may have the preference of hiring musicians for the rehearsal day, there is no need of having a ceremony musician attending the wedding rehearsal. Here is a specialized wedding forum for couples who wish to find out more on the subject:

Can we choose a song that is not on your list?

It depends! Schedule permitting I would be happy to accommodate a reasonable request.

Even dough it takes a lot of time, I do actually enjoy the challenge of adapting a piece for instrumental guitar.

As soloist I would have more flexibility in overall, however learning, transcribing or arranging a musical piece for an ensemble it would require more work.

It would take any musician several hours of constant repetition to bring any musical piece up to a good performing level.
Even for songs already learned, there is need of constant reviewing!

In order to learn a new song I would commonly dedicate two to three hours a week spaced out into several days.
Some difficult passages may require more sessions and repetition. The closer the event date, the more increased the repetition would be!

Even dough I would have to work several hours in learning a song, to a couple who is alreading hiring me for another service, I would ask to cover at least a couple of hours of work at a gross hourly rate of $45 (each artist).

Is waiting time considered an artist's break?

"Waiting time" is intended as service time, it is not a musician's "break time” (like being away on private time).
Examples - During the course of an event, musicians or DJ may be asked to wait before, during and after the event.
This is not considered a break time as the artists is waiting through the event timeline.
Common examples of waiting time are:
1. Waiting during or before a wedding ceremony while guests arrive and during officiating time
2. Relocating from one area to another at the same venue, or from one venue to another
For example, a wedding event ending the ceremony at 10am at a venue, and hosting a reception at 4pm at another venue 70 miles away, will have a 6 hours service time in between

3. A DJ/musicians waiting time during client's speeches or other activities that may take place

What do you require from us?

For outdoor events we require appropriate cover from rain or wind (if any), and excessive exposure to the direct sun light. A power outlet is required within reasonable distance from the performance area. A separate 20amp circuit may be needed for some type of light installations. If any restricted access is in place at your chosen venue, we require a loading/unloading permit, and a secure parking for all band member's vehicles. For events ending after 11:45pm, an over night accommodation and meals is required in most cases, for travelling times greater than three hours.

Are there any extra costs that we have to consider?

Unless already agreed in your contract, some costs to consider are:

1. Travel, parking costs, loading/unloading permit or valet parking

2. Some venues may require to be added on the certificate of insurance, this will create us additional costs and time. In such case we ask a $100 fee.

3. Audio/Lighting tech $45 hourly, minimum 5 hours per event

5. Any add-ons that you may like to choose closer to the event date, for example additional musicians (subject to availability), other services or equipment.

What is your travel fee?

Travel time is estimated using Google's Map. The starting point is from the San Francisco City Hall to/from your event location. All distances under 50 miles (or so) are charged at $25 per hour. For uneasy routes like uphill bendy roads (and long distances travel) we ask an additional 35c per mile towards the gasoline, tire and oil consumption. Tolls and parking fees are also considered, if any. Travel costs are commonly calculated on the total time of travel (two-way), based on route type. Traveling on bendy up hill roads, highly congested roads, or straight hwy roads make all a difference in the total time spent on travel. EXAMPLE:Travelling through a city center on a Friday afternoon can easily take more than an hour to travel a 5 miles distance. On the other hand, driving on a straight hwy route on normal traffic conditions, can take an hour or so to travel 50 miles (assuming an average speed of 50mph). In either case the minimum travel fee is $25.