Small Lighting Stand

Please Note - This package may not be available Friday through Sunday.

This sound system is ideal for a variety of uses from school events, office meetings, wedding receptions to birthday parties of 150 or less attendees.


Up to 2 hours: $500 minimum event rate

· 3 hours $600 or (Get $300 off when you also hire Luca's 3 hours package 1 on the same day)

This package includes:

· All taxes, local travel, preparation, set up and tear down time

· Two full range loudspeaker (on stand or floor standing) including 25ft of audio&signal cables

· A wireless handheld microphone with stand

· A wired handheld microphone including cable up to 25ft from the mixer

· A six channel mixer includes inputs for iPod or a computer

· Installation and operation

· Travel (Hwy routes) to your event venue (excluding parking and tolls fees, if any). Up to two hours of total travel time (two-way trip). Excluding some routes like bendy uphill roads and highly congested areas

Here is a sample set up for a wedding ceremony, the white cover are optional.